Statistics for 2018

The McCracken County Sheriff's Office is releasing the statistical data for the calendar year 2018, along with comparisons from the previous year of 2017.

Please note that these numbers are obtained from the total numbers of initial reports taken, and do not reflect cases that after investigation were unfounded, or were ultimately prosecuted as a lesser degree crime.

Part 1 Crime (the most serious) had an overall increase of only 2%, the increase being attributed solely to theft related offenses.
This is a lower increase than we have had in Part 1 offenses in over three years and I attribute this to our proactive and aggressive drug enforcement. Illegal drugs are seen as the root cause to so many other crimes. Our drug arrests in 2018 were a record high. This shows vigorous drug enforcement on behalf of our agency.

McCracken County Sheriff's Office did not conduct any murder investigations in 2018 compared to one (1) murder case in 2017 which was investigated and cleared.

*Rapes- up by 3.
*Robberies- up by 7.
*Felony Assaults- dropped by 14%, 28 down to 24.
*Residential and Commercial Burglary- decreased by 18% from 166 in 2017, to 136 in 2018.
*Felony Thefts- rose also from 305 cases, to 335 last year.
*Auto Thefts- rose from 60 to 61 instances over the prior year.
*Arsons- there were 5 additional Arson cases in 2018, compared to 2017.

Part 2 Crime (less serious and mostly misdemeanor crimes)
*Simple Assaults- decreased 16%, with 331 reported cases in 2018, compared to 396 in 2017.
*Forgery Cases reported and investigated decreased 29% with 38 cases in 2017, compared to 27 in 2018.
*Fraud cases: increased from 67 in 2017, compared to 93 in 2018.
*Criminal Mischief- decreased 31% from 193 cases in 2017, compared to 134 cases in 2018.
*Weapons Violations: Increased from 15 cases in 2017, compared to 26 cased in 2018.
*Sex Offenses (other than rape): Increased from 33 cases in 2017, compared to 46 cases in 2018.
*Drug Violations went up considerably by 48%. In 2017, 726 cases investigated. 2018 there were 1076. This was a record number in 2018.
*Offenses Against Families and Children: decreased 4% from 80 cases in 2017, compared to 77 cases in 2018.

Arrest Data for 2018 shows the overall number of arrests made by the department went up, by 6%. The number of DUI arrests was up 23% from the previous year. 2017 DUI arrest numbers were 190. For 2018 those numbers were 234. This was a higher number of DUI arrest our agency has made in the past five (5) years.

Drug arrests rose by 48% from the previous year. In 2017, the department made 726 drug arrests, and in 2018 that number was 1076.

*In 2018, there were a total of 3,093 arrests, compared to 2,906 arrests in 2017, a 6% increase.

Collision Data for the past year shows an overall increase of 4%. The number of total accidents increased by 35. The number of fatalities in McCracken County that were investigated by this agency was 6, compared to 5 in 2017. Non-injury collisions decreased by 4% from 711 in 2018, compared to 743 in 2017. Injury collisions increased from 224 in 2017, compared to 290 in 2018.

Failure to yield right of way was the leading cause to all collisions and inattention being the second highest leading cause.

972 traffic collisions investigated in 2017
1007 traffic collisions investigated in 2018

A few interesting facts related to this statistical data compiled:
*Alcohol was involved in 25 crashes
*The biggest cause for these crashes was Failure to Yield Right of Way in 127 crashes
*Driver Inattention noted in 93 crashes