Employee List
Unit#  TitleName/email
1SheriffJon Hayden
2Chief Dep.Mikey Joe Turnbow
26CaptainJT Coleman
3CaptainMatt Carter
11Det. Sgt.Ryan Norman
14DetectiveBenny Kauffman
30DetectiveGreg Moyers
40DetectiveSarah Martin
Evidence Tech
31DetectiveDarrin Frommeyer
Drug Unit
16Det. Sgt.Jesse Riddle
34DetectiveBrock Martin
K-9 Unit
48DeputySteve Croft
Unit#  TitleName/email
10SergeantTodd Ray
20SergeantChris Glenn
41SergeantDavid Shepherd
45SergeantJared Rivera
8DeputyKyle Latta
12DeputyJeremy Renfrow
13DeputyJerry Jones
15DeputyDerick Pugh
17DeputyLindsey Miller
21DeputyKevin Lynn
22DeputyKyle Seratt
24DeputyDylan Cook
27DeputyDavid Clark
28DeputyDustin Awberry
32DeputyRyan Willcutt
33DeputyAden Pegram
38DeputyGeorge Johnson
39DeputyBryon Sparkman
42DeputyMichael Wray
43DeputyKevin Carter
47DeputyJason Walters
50DeputyDwayne Pickett
51DeputyTrent Hardin
66DeputyJim Wilson
Unit#  TitleName/email
61Chief BailiffDoug Abernathy
18BailiffDana Rudd
69BailiffDon Copley
Transport Deputies
29DeputyRichard DeArmond
52DeputyKeith Mick
Office Staff
25DeputyTim Reed
58Admin. Asst.Teri Frommeyer
60Chief Fin. Off.Denver Watson
65WarrantsMark Roberts
55Admin. ClerkJeanie Riley
44Admin.ClerkCassidy Kinsey
57Admin. ClerkJana King

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