McCracken County Sheriff's Foundation


"McCracken County Sheriff's Office First Law Enforcement Foundation"
- Established in FY 2019 -


Dear Citizens,
As Sheriff of McCracken County, I would like to personally endorse the McCracken County Sheriff's Foundation for the dedication and support given to our deputies and the Sheriff's Office. The foundation gives private citizens an opportunity to work in collaboration with the Sheriff's Office through partnerships and special programs. This is an all-volunteer organization that works with the private sectors through donations to implement or enhance programs.

Improving the quality of life for citizens in our communities and enhancing the Sheriff's Office is a "win-win" for all.

Warmest Regards,
Sheriff Ryan Norman

Board Members:

Cory Samsil,
Board Chair
Keith Murt,
Tom Clayton,
Mark Workman,
Ronnie James,
Board Member

Below are the goals of the McCracken County Sheriff's Foundation:

The McCracken County Sheriff's Foundation does not provide salaries to the Sheriff's Office or take public positions through advocacy.


Your support is key to helping us meet our mission. The McCracken County Sheriff's Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that relies on the generosity of your donations. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Here is how you can make your tax-deductible donation:

We have been working hard to strengthen our community partnership with programs like: The Sheriff's Citizen Academy, Ticketing Good Behavior Program, Cram The Cruiser, Christmas Cops, and Paws For A Cause to name a few. This newly formed foundation will enable us to not only enhance the already existing programs, but also create opportunities for new ones. We believe when these areas are enhanced it will increase public safety and the quality of life to McCracken County citizens.