Eviction Process

The landlord must post (or serve) written notice of eviction to the renter, giving a 30-day notice to vacate the property. If the renter has not vacated by the 31st day, the landlord should go to the District Court Clerk's Office, located on the 2nd floor of the McCracken County Courthouse, 300 Clarence Gaines Street, to obtain a Forcible Detainer with a court date.

The renter will be served the Forcible Detainer by the McCracken County Sheriff's Office. The Forcible Detainer requires the landlord and the renter to appear before the judge on said court date.

If the renter has not vacated the property by said court date, the landlord should go back to the District Clerk's Office and file for a Warrant of Possession. The Sheriff's Office will serve the Warrant of Possession. The renter will be given no more than five (5) days to vacate, unless a judge orders otherwise. Within five (5) days, the Sheriff's Office will arrive at the property to ensure the safety of both the tenant and those responsible for removing the tenant's possessions on behalf of the landlord.

►Warrant for Possession Process
Forcible Detainer fees:
$53 to file with the District Court Clerk
$70 will be paid to the McCracken County Sheriff's Office for service per household.